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Training Youth Athletes......things that make me angry

I am all for youth training! I think it is a graet thing. Working with youth athletes is something that I take very seriously. Unfortunatly, there are so many people out there that don't understand how to properly train youth athletes. I hate....HATE....seeing these bull headed high school football coaches bring their players into the gym, have them lift with awful technique, teach them nothing and don't even have any sort of program to make sure that the kids can develop a base level of fitness and strength and then progress.

What a shame!

At the gym I lift at, a high school coach always comes in with a few of his players for their offseason lifting. Unfortunatly, it is some of the worst training I have ever seen. If I were their coach I would be totally embarrassed. All he cares about is the numbers, no matter what the reps looked like, as long as there are high numbers. I have see squats with some terribly dangerous spinal positions, quarter range of motion bench presses and full on round back deadlifts. I can't stand to watch, and my training partner (who happens to be a doctor of physical therapy) goes absolutely ape shit when he sees this guy coaching these kids.

It is ashame that parents trust their kids with a moron like this! The worst part is that most of these guys have a huge ego about this stuff. If I went and talked to this coach, he would flip out on me. How could I possibly know what I am talking about? I am 5'5" and 180lbs! There is no way I know anything.....besides the fact that he is 6'2", about 240lbs and I can best all of his lifts (which really doesn't say much for him!).

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine that is a high school strength coach/football coach in NY. He does a fantastic job teaching kids olympic lifting, squatting, plyometrics and bench pressing. He educates them on technique and he uses a program! An actual program with weeks, and sets and reps and variables!! Imagine that! A high school football coach that isn't brain dead. Now that is a coach that I would want to work with my kid.

BULL headed? LOL, does that mean they are full of bull s*it then? LOL

Dude, what's your take on cardio training and fat loss? How hard is too hard? Do you see people pushing too hard/long at the gym often?
I have this phobia of overdoing it and entering aerobic training mode instead of fat loss mode. I don't need to train aerobically, but need to loose fat instead. Is aerobic mode as good as low intensity cardio for fat loss? Even worse, I constantly worry about the catabolic effects if I push too hard.
I can do 145~150bpm for 45~50 minutes.
I'm 22yrs; RHR is 47 and weigh 187 lbs.

Some personal trainers at my gym say it’s ok to do cardio workouts after weight training, what's your take on this? There are differing opinions on this, some say its ok, some say do it before, some say have at least 8 hours between cardio and weight training. So, WTF?


I highly recommend you check out www.ironmagazine.com and read the forums because it has a lot of useful information and smart people such as P-funk himself to help you out.

Head over there and register (free). There's a lot of informative stickies that will help you out and don't hesistate to ask questions and become a part of the welcoming community we currently have.

Thank you for the link. I'll head over there now to have a look.

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