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Preseason Football and More Olympics Stuff…

Coaches in NFL are notorious for bombarding the athletes with tons of training in the pre-season. Two a day workouts have been around since football existed, and the philosophy behind them seems to be one of “increase mental toughness” and punishment (if they can’t run fast enough, then we will make them run more!

However, it seems that this season there are some coaches wising up to two-a-day practices after looking into more research on human performance. A Sports Illustrated article talked about how Eric Mangini, head coach of the NY Jets, has actually lowered the amount of practice time for the athletes this offseason after analyzing some research from the researchers at the Australian Institute of Sports and the Tour De France. My only hope is that some of the high school coaches read this and actually realize how stupid and potentially dangerous their programs are.


Speaking of the Australians and the Olympics, check out this link and click on the picture that is titled “winning edge” to read about some of the cool things going on at the Australian Institute of Sports.

The Australians have some cool stuff going on. I wonder if it will translate to more medals? Only a few days to find out!!