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Whole Wheat Donut Anyone?

What the hell is this? Krispy Kreme has just announced the release of their whole wheat donut.

180 calories of garbage if you ask me. What about when peopel eat 2 of them? You know that is going to happen. "Well, it is whole wheat so it must be okay! I think I will have two."

This kind of stuff makes me wants to puke. I hate how we constantly cater to peoples garbage diets.

Eating food like this does not help people learn how to make proper food choices. It is more like a crutch or a bandage to cover up the real problem....America's Fatness. Lets get real. Instead of offering people the same shit in a different pacakge, why don't we educate them on how to take control of their lives? Why don't we teach them to be healthier individuals?


Dude, look on the bright side, at least they are SLIGHTLY better than the normal ones. LOL
It might make a 0.00001% difference? LOL
Now if someone eats 2 and a half of those, then there goes 1 of the six meals, without proper ratios of carbs/protiens/fat though... But hey, its still better than a regular sugar coated one though... LOL

WP - there IS no bright side. Patrick is right.

This is just another reason why so many people say "I just don't understand why I can't reach my goals! I eat healthy!"

Yeah... when their idea of healthy is a whole wheat donut instead of a regular donut, it's no wonder.

We're talking about DONUTS here. No amount of whole wheat, or lack of trans fats is going to make a DONUT an acceptable replacement for a healthier food item. It is still a ball of dough, made from processed grains (whole or not), usually fried, and covered in sugar. Sometimes it is BAKED and covered in sugar. Often stuffed with more fat and sugar in a filling.

By the way, their regular ol' glazed donut only has 20 more calories, same amount of saturated fat and sugar, and only a few more grams of total carbs. The biggest difference? i gram of fat less and 1 gram of fiber more. Essentially it is the same donut. But people will buy this because it is "whole wheat" so it must be healthier.

This is just as bad as the 100-calorie packs of everything under the sun. Instead of teaching people to make healthier food choices, we're taking the same crap choices and putting them in smaller bags (and charging a premium).

"Yeah but we're teaching people about portion control..." Heh... if it only really worked that way.

ivonne, yes what you say is 100% true, hence my sarcastic remark of it being 0.00001% better than a regular donut. But to those who are not as enlightened as us, its still a better choice right? After all, a 0.00001% (no scientific tests were done to arrive at this figure) improvement over a regular donut is still and improvement.
I pity those people who never give a thought as to what they put in their mouths. Well, at some time or other, we were all doing the same. We were lucky enough to wake up one day and decided to make a change.

Mmmmm Donuts :D

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