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Response to last nights post on training variables

Good blog post P. Lately I have been moving toward doing stuff in the same workout. I have done stuff other ways too, but I definitely enjoy this method so you can focus your strength work on a couple of movements and really try to get those numbers up.

This was a great reply. The funny thing is that I was going to talk about this anyway, so the reply came at a good time. Also, the fact that the reply came from a guy who is a really smart trainer means that we were thinking on the same page.....which is always nice (although it is also good to have disagreements as well).

I too have found that doing everying in one rep range for an entire workout can be really brutal. For example, if it were a 4x4 day, I always just felt really drained by the end of the workout and to top it off, aside from my first two exercises in the workout, it was really tough to keep that intensity up for everything. Neurologically, I was just beat to hell after that first exercises.

Right now, I lean more towards having one (sometimes two) movements as 'priority' movements for that day, leaving the other stuff as 'accessory' work (rep range work) and then prioritizing it on a different day.

Here would be an example of what I am talking about:

Day 1
Bench press- 4x4
chin up- 3x8
Squat- 3x10

Day 2
row- 4x4
lunge- 3x8
Db incline press- 3x10

Day 3
deadlift- 4x4
BB overhead press- 3x8
pull up- 3x10

Of course there are a ton of ways you could do this. That is just one example.


Thanks for the compliment there P!

In the current program I am doing my upper body strength day looks like this:

A1 Bench Press - 8x3
A2 1Arm Cable Row - 8x3

B1 1Arm Military Press - 3x8
B2 Chinup - 3x8

C1 Hammer Curl - 2x12
C2 YTA - 2x8 (1 count iso)

I also like this method because you effectively prioritize a few select movements as well as a specific biometer or two which you want to focus on. It also makes planning easier in my opinion, especially when dealing with clients.

yea, that looks like the layout that I am using currently.

That is more along the linges of what I was talking about with prioritizing 2 movements (in this case your horizontal push and pull) in a session.


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