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Spliting hairs and other rants for the day.......

People split hairs over the smallest things.....

"should I only eat organic?"

"should i do 5x5 or 10x3 or 3x10 or 4x6?"

"should i get the new and improved BCAAs?"

Are you one of these people?

If you are.....STOP! Chances are you are wasting more time and energy worrying about these small things and you are missing the overal picture.

Set up a sound training program. Eat a healthy diet. Be consistent. I am pretty sure if you do those 3 things and those 3 things only, you will get what you want out of your program. Don't waste time spliting hairs. Use the basics and get it done!



I watched a show yesterday on the learning channel about obesity. It was about the Brookhaven Obesity Clinic in Brooklyn NY.

I was amazed to see how some of these people had let themselves go so much. I mean, what is going on in your head when you get to 300lbs? If it were me, I would be thinking "wow, i really did it this time. i need to lose weight." I guess in these peoples minds they are saying "hmm, i wonder if i can get to 400lbs this year? Maybe even 500lbs if I try hard enough!"

What pissed me off the most was this guy who was +700lbs. The ambulance drivers came to take him to the clinic and he was so heavy that they had a dificult time carrying him down the steps of his brookly brownstone (the steps were icey and it was winter) in his oversized wheel chair. After 30min. they had gotten him down and into the van. They took him to the clinic and they struggled to get him from the stretcher to his new bed. They rolled him and he screamed "OUCH! I have herniated discs! What the hell is wrong with you guys." They just stood there. Had I been there I would have probably yelled "We all now have herniated discs because of your fat ass, so shut the hell up!"

Another thing that was annoying was that some of these people could not move or get out of bed. How did they manage to keep getting fat? Why were their family members buying them crappy food? I would have just fed them healthy food and put them on a diet. If they want to have junk food, they can get up and get it themselves (which they can't do).



The internet can be very annoying. You work so hard in your carrer to study, learn, get advanced degrees, advanced certifications, etc. You can sit there on some websites and work so hard trying to pass along information (free information at that!) and some people will do nothing but argue with you. Even though they have never worked with a person in their lives. Even though they have no clue about what they are talking about. The problem with this is that on the internet, anyone can pose as a "professional" or a "guru". It really sucks. I think I am going to post less information on public forums because of this. I hate taking time out of my day to help people out, only to have some idiot come in and spew their assinine "non-professional" opinion. So, if you want to hear more from me.....check here on my blog page (that is until I start my own forum up.....no dumbasses allowed).



I guess I will be out.

No more porn for you.

Dude! 700+ lbs? OMGWTF? How does one become that fat? And with attitude too.. WTH...

Regarding rant #2, dude, don't hold back your valuable information from others who WANT to learn just because some @$$hole does not know how to appreciate it. Don't let him get to you.

I live by the saying "never argue with and idiot because he'll bring you down to his level and beat you with experience".

Now read that phrase again. Get it? LOL
Its just not worth it.

BTW, thanks for all the great info you've shared on this blog as well as in the forum. :)

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