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abs abs abs....

blah blah blah.....All I get are questions about how to get abs. I understand peoples infatuation with seeing their abs...they look great! But seriously, there is no magic sit up or crunch exercise that is going make them stick out. You have to work for it. Here is todays Q&A:

Q: I have been doing crunches and sit ups every day for the past month and I still don't have abs. What am I doing wrong?

A: This is a pretty common question/complaint of many gym goers. The reality of it is that you can do crunches and sit ups and abdominal exercise until you are blue in the face and you will never see your muscles. That is, until you actually get rid of the fat that is lying over the top of them. The easiest way to achieve this is a healthy diet and a proper training program which is focused on losing fat over your entire body. Once you realize the importance of creating a caloric deficit with your diet and training, you will be well on your way to the "6-pack abs" that you desire. Everyone has abs. You just need to do the proper type of training to expose them.

You’re sooooo right dude, almost everyone thinks that if you do a few million sit ups a day you’ll get abs in a month or so… LOL, I keep telling them that 10% is the magic number they should be aiming for. *grins*

“You just need to do the proper type of training to expose them.”

So then, what is the “proper” exercise then? There are soo many to choose from. I only do hanging leg raises and I use the abs crunch machine @ the gym, and at the same time doing cardio to melt the fats as well as eating a proper diet. I think I’m on the right track, but is there any abs exercise in particular that you find more effective than the rest?

While we’re on this matter, do you have any links to good exercise websites that teaches proper exercise postures? I need to work on my back too. If possible point me in the direction of an ebook, that way I can put it in my phone and bring it to the gym for reference.

Nice blog entry. Every blog should atleast have this in it. This question not only comes from beginners, but also from people who have been doing it for sometime. I have a friend who still says this after about 20 years of training. Granted his diet always has sucked, but he still thinks situps are the key.

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