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New Massage Tool For Better Neck Work!!

I was at the American Massage Therapy Association’s National Convention last Thursday helping out one of my teachers sell his new product.

The Head Rest Support, is a really awesome invention that makes total sense for any massage therapist, physical therapist, chiropractor, or manual therapist who does a lot of soft tissue work on the neck.

Typically, you would have the client lie supine on the table and have to lift their head, support it, and (oftentimes) wrestle with the table to get yourself in a good position to work their neck. Not only can this limit your ability to work certain muscles but; it also places your wrist in a compromised position (especially if you are doing a lot of neck work).

Now with the Head Rest Support, all you do is drop it right into the head rest and have the client lie their head right on it. This leaves their neck area entirely open, so that you are free to work all the muscles and your hands aren’t bound up against the table (and they can rest comfortably on the head rest support as well!). Another benefit is that, with head rests that can tilt forward and back, you can use the Head Rest Support to place the clients neck into a shortened position, to soften up muscles and work on them in a much easier manner.

Click here to see the product demo.

No more fighting with the table or worrying about straining your wrist. All you do is drop this thing right into the head rest hole and get to work.

If you are a person that does a lot of neck work and really want to take it to the next level, this is the tool for you.

I tried it out for the first time with a few clients and they absolutely loved it. Not only did they say that their massage felt more complete, but they also said that they felt totally comfortable and supported when the head rest was tilted back into extension.

I highly recommend checking out this product if you want to get better results with cervical work, and prevent injuries to your hands or wrists.