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New Training Facility in Scottsdale

I have moved locations in Scottsdale (same company, we just expanded one of our locations) and we are now much more accessible to everyone in the east valley; just off the 101 at the corner of 90th st. and Via Linda.

In light of the move, I am offering free movement and posture assessments. I will not be providing you with a training program during this session. I will gladly watch you move and look at your posture and determine how things could be potentially better or ‘more efficient’.

I am opening this up to anyone who is interested in doing some personal training and may be on the fence about how to get started or who to work with and where to go. This is a great opportunity to get an introduction to me, my system, and my philosophies/thought processes to determine if we would be a good fit together.

If you are just coming to get a free assessment and think that I will give you a free program or tell you what to do with all the information, this is not for you. This is how I make my living and I have clients who pay for this service. It would not be fair to them (or to me) to just give it away for free. We do offer a variety of different training plans; everything from 1-on-1 training to the most affordable option, group training.

If you are interested, please contact me at 480-272-7638