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Some Things Never Change

An article was published today on http://www.sciencedaily.com/ titled, “Ban on Fast Food TV Advertising Would Reduce Childhood Obesity Trends, Study Shows”.

Basically the study claimed that if we could ban fast food advertising during children and adolescent TV shows, the number of obese youth would begin to fall.

While I wouldn’t mind seeing the fast food advertising taken off the air (or just banned altogether as I find it to be total junk), “some things will never change”:

  • Even if you stop the advertising during television shows, kids still need to get up and move and get exercise and participate in activities that don’t involve playing video games and sitting there watching television.
  • Even if you took away fast food advertising and kids ate less fast food than in previous years, they still are going to be eating junk because no one is educating them on proper nutrition.
  • Their parents are not educating them on proper nutrition! Usually the parents are overweight/obese themselves. The plan needs to be family health plan with everyone on board, making an effort to live healthy, if you want to make it work.
  • Even if kids see these fast food commercials on television, guess who takes them to the restaurants (if you can even call them restaurants) and pays for the food…the parents!! How hard is it to say, “NO! We are eating a healthy meal at home tonight”?

The only way people are going to make a difference is by getting up and doing it themselves. No one can do your exercise for you and no one can eat your diet for you. You have to take control of your own life if you want to make a difference. All this stuff about banning fast food advertising during commercials and video game systems that have you standing up and moving your arms around or come with a “yoga” video game are silly. Turn the TV off, go outside and play. Be active.

I’d like to believe that we will some day change the trend of obesity in America and people will start to take pride in their health. Unfortunately, I just see people getting lazier and their kids following suit.


What a joke.... that government steps in to play the role a parent should ultimately play. Scary world it is going to be for our kids, when they get older.

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