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Arnold Classic Strength Summit Day 1

Saw two good presenters today, Doug Lentz and Tom DeLong. Doug was especially good. He does an awesome job of speaking. Both of them had great presentations on training youth athletes. I really enjoyed myself. It wasn't any new information for me, but the presentation was great and the information was very consistent and was in agreement with the things I already believe in about training youth athletes, which is nice for a change. I love finding people who agree with me! LOL!

Tomorrow I am very exicted to see researcher William Kraemer speak. He is the go-to guy on strength and conditioning research. There are some sports nutrition presentations I want to see and a presentation on sprinting mechanics. Also, an important meeting with someone with whom I am forward to sitting down and talking. I'll go into more detail about it tomorrow if we actually get together. Hopefully he will have the time - he is a busy, busy guy in this industry!

The highlight of the day has been meeting Shane Hamman, USA's greatest Olympic weightlifter - ever. He was totally cool and totally big! He signed a picture for me and I wanted to get a photo with him, but Ivonne's camera was out of batteries (hopefully tomorrow). When she said the battery was out he said "Damn. I was so pumped that someone wanted to take a picture with me." haha. He said "I walk around here and feel small compared to these bodybuilder guys." I was like "Who cares man! At least you can do athletic things, move quick and dunk a basketball." To which he replied "Whatever! At least I can do this...." and he reached over his head and scrathed his neck......hahahaha!

Watched the hummer deadlift for the strongman contest. Zavikus (sp?) pulled 1016 pounds off the floor for a new world record! Brian Siders got up and called for 4 hummer tires on each side, a huge 1060lbs!!! He got it up to about knee level but couldnt finish it. Just the fact that he held it in his hands and moved it off the floor was amazing to me!

More tomorrow!