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If you are going to do it......


People kill me. I was reading the forum of a pretty well known, and sometimes 'controversial', nutrition guru. A woman was on his site asking why his program was not working for her. The only problem was that this person was not at the proper level of fitness to be following this program. The author clearly made the statement in the beginning of the book that "this type of diet should be done for those with "x" amount of bodyfat." The women posting the question was saying how she was higher than "x" amount of bodyfat but felt that she could do the diet anyway. She then proceeded to go through the things that she changed with the diet and training.

Here is a little tip...If you change something, you are no longer doing the intended program and you are not allowed to complain when you don't get the results you seek.

I get this all the time. I will help someone with their diet. They will come back to me 5 days later and say "well, I changed this, this and that around a little bit." Okay, well that isn't what I told you to do! So why do you think it isn't working?

Training is no different. I give someone a program. They go to carry it out, but they decide to change the training around a little bit. Well, that is not the program I wrote anymore. So it is not going to work the same way.

So, if you are going to do it....DO IT RIGHT!

Maybe I will talk more about training programs tomorrow and less about general stuff...or maybe not.


You make a great point there.

When you have clients who don't follow exactly what you told them to do, and you ask them this, how do they respond? Is it with a big "DOH" and a slap on their own foreheads?

This fact that you posted is soo simple yet true dude... Thanks for the reminder. ;)

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