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Perform Better Seminar: Phoenix

I spent the entire day at the Perform Better “Learn by Doing” Seminar in Phoenix today. For those that don’t know, the Perform Better “Learn by Doing” Seminar is a seminar for trainers, which is half lecture (morning), followed by half practical (afternoon).

Today’s speakers were Alwyn Cosgrove, Mike Boyle, Craig Richardson from Athletes Performance, who was filling in for Gray Cook who got the flu (at first I was a little disappointed because I wanted to see Gray speak, but Craig did a very good job in his place), and Juan Carlos Santana.

I go to lots of seminars and continuing education workshops because I enjoy learning and trying to make myself better. I spend a lot of time reading and studying, so I tend to formulate my own opinions and philosophies on the subjects of training and sports preparation. It is difficult to agree 100% with everyone on every thing. It is often times nice to hear a few different opinions than your own as it makes you think and re-evaluate what you are doing or what you currently believe to be true (which changes from time to time as you learn more and gain more experience).

The one thing I take away from seminars like this, that always keeps me coming back, is that there are guys out there that are doing what I do, and are much better at it. They have more experience and are willing to share that experience with everyone in hopes that people will someday attain the level of mastery in the subject that they have. I appreciate them for it.

As Boyle says “You have 2 eyes, 2 ears and 1 mouth. It is like that for a reason; start listening and observing more and talking less.”

Knowledge is power,