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Strongman Contest in Garden City Long Island (NY)

Ther Professional Performance Athletic Center (www.professionalperformance.net/index2.php) in Garden City Long Island will be hosting the first of 2 strongman events this summer on June 7th.

The details can be found here:


For those that don't know, the Professional Performance Athletic Center is a state of the art sports performance facility. The best way I could describe it is "an athlete's playground." If you don't go to compete in the contest, I highly suggest you get down there and check the place out. If you are an athlete (high school, college, pro) or a weekend warrior looking to enhance your performance in the game of life, this is the place to do it! Aside from the amazing equipment, indoor sprint track and turf field, the staff is well educated and brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Check it out!!