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Getting After It

One thing I have noticed when working with youth athletes (and even general population clients) is that most of them never “get after it” when they are lifting.

What I mean by “get after it” is putting forth a maximum effort to drive the weight through the concentric portion of the lift. A lot of times, they just seem to go through the motions and perform the repetition with enough effort to move the weight.

I don’t know if it is being apprehensive or nervous about the weight on the bar, or if it is just that they are not 100% mentally focused on the lift; but it drives me nuts to see someone take a lazy rep. Things like power cleans, DB snatches, Squats, Deadlifts, and bench press are not about “taking it easy.” You need to focus on the lift, get violent with the bar and try and accelerate and put forth as much force into the bar as possible.

Just explaining the concept of “getting after” each repetition to your athletes can help to boost numbers and help to teach them how to put forth a maximum effort (even if the weight is not maximal weight).

Take a look at some of your athletes and explain the concept of getting after it to them and see if you can maybe set some PR’s in the gym next workout.