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Saturday 11/29/08 - News

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Unfortunately the football wasn't so great this year with 3 blow out games! Oh well.

We have some very exciting stuff coming up from Optimum Sports Performance in the next few days. We are re-doing the website and we are also going to be adding on a free forum. There will be discussion boards on topics like Sports Performance Training, Youth Strength and Conditioning (so if you are a coach, parent or youth athlete, be sure to check in and ask questions!), General Health and Wellness, Nutrition, Posture and Injury Prevention. In addition, there is going to be a forum where you can keep a training log and get feedback and encouragement on your training program and there is a board for Strength Coaches and Trainers to discuss training ideas or brainstorm on programs for clients. We are also adding a "premium members" section to the forum for those that want individual online coaching (the fee is minimal).

It should be a really great discussion board and our main goal is to help people enhance their human performance, whether you are training for a competition or just looking to stay fit. Keep checking back here for updates on when we make the forum public (hopefully in the next few days).

We took all the pictures for my eBook and hopefully it will be ready to go out next weekend.

Since it is starting to cool down here in Pheonix, Optimum Sports Performance is going to be offering outdoor group training. It will be 4-5 people per group ($20 per person) and we will be out at the track or the park - depending on your location. I'll bring everything we need (medicine balls, bands, kettlebells, etc) and it should be a really great time. The training programs are going to be comprehensive and REAL training! Not like the 20-person boot camps you see around the greater phoenix area where they have people just running around doing nonsense. Our programs will have specific objectives for the training day and we want to make sure that you get the most out the session. Please shoot me an email for more details, dates and times. patrick@optimumsportsperformance.com.

Tell your friends too! A great way to kick off the holiday season, or get a jump start on your New Years goals is to grab some friends and do group training, and at $20 a session you wont find a better deal in the city (if you do, then chances are you are in a group of 20-30 people, which means the individual attention and the attention to detail is not going to be there).