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Arnold Classic Strength Summit: Day 2 and 3

Day 2 and 3 of the Arnold Strength Summit were awesome!

William Kraemer spoke to start the day. He is a great presenter. He talked about power training, strength training and nonlinear periodization. I could have sat there all day and listened to him lecture. I took lots of notes.

Brad Gillingham gave a deadlifting seminar and started it off by doing some deadlifting himself. He worked up to 890. He told the crowd that this was the heaviest weight he had ever attempted. He got up and started to pull it. He got it to his knees when the cheap little wire clip on the right side started to slide, making the weights slide down the bar. He had to set it down. He said he has a meet in Australia in a couple of weeks and he would try it again there. I think he would have gotten it if the weights didn't start to slide on him.

The Sports Nutrition seminars finished up the day on saturday and they were REALLY good! Dr. Tim Ziegenfuss spoke about supplements and supplement companies and talked about some of the research that they do in his lad (the Ohio Research Group). He did a great job of opening up everyone's eyes to how supplement companies can scam you out of money. He was a great guy and nice enough to spend some time after his seminar with me, answering all my silly questions. Dr. Jamie Landis finished up the day talking about proteins and essentail amino acid supplementation. He presented a ton of research and is a really smart guy. Both he and Dr. Ziegenfuss are good guys....they have to be because they are from the Northern OH area (I am slightly biased since I grew up outside of Cleveland).

The final day I got to see Jim Bell speak about the business aspect of training people. He was another awesome presenter. He really knew how to get the crowds attention. I loved his presentation.

Also, on saturday, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Chris Mohr, http://mohrresults.com/. We emailed him about our ideas for the shopping tour and the healthy lifestyle seminars. All of these are things that he does at his facility (he is a registered dietician. He also writes for men's health. check out his website!). he said he would meet with us and he sat down and talked to us for a whole hour!! He was a really great guy to spend that much time giving us information about how he runs his programs. It was a great opportunity for both ivonne and myself.

Well, that is all I have for ya now. I am off to bed! Tomorrow is a new day.