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My Brain Hurts....

Yea, that's right. My brain hurts. I came across this article on the web today and it just annoys the hell out of me. Mainly because it gives bad information to a group of people (women) who are already flooded with bad information. Articles like this add to the myth and B.S. that has become weight training for women.

Shaplier shouldres! Whatever! I like how the author starts by saying "the first thing you need to 3-5lb DBs). Are you friggin kidding me? I know I know....we don't want to get to bulky. The exercises suck, the author doesn't even address the back of the shoulder blades (rarely do I see women with good posture) and she doesn't talk about training the body as a whole or diet. Feeding people the idea that doing this workout will give you shapelier shoulders is just silly and stupid and it makes my brain hurt.

In lighter news, it has been 60 years to the day that Jackie Robinson took the field in the Major Leagues. Jackie Robinson is one of the greatest baseball players ever, but more than that, he is one of the greatest athletes ever! What most people don't know is that he lettered in 4 sports at UCLA. Football, Basketball, Baseball and he was a nationally ranked long jumper in track and field. Pretty awesome!