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More Inspiration

Last night, I was browsing through youtube.com looking for some sports montage's. I came across a video of a guy preparing for this years Boston Marathon which is taking place on April 16th. However, this guy is not your typical marathoner. After watching the video, I went to his website (documenting his training) to have a look around. I was amazed at the story.

Jacob is a bee-keeper in Wisconson. He also happens to be (or was at the start of his training) 400+ pounds. Basically, his whole goal is to lose weight or die trying. He is running the marathon not only for himself, but to raise money for various charities. I think everyone should check out the site. There are some commical montage's of his training, a blog and two pages deveoted to reader's comments. One page, titled "the hall-of-fame", is comments from people giving him praise and wishing him luck for taking this step towards changing his life. The other page, titled "death threats", is from a bunch of arrogant prick runners who want to say things like "get real!" or "you are insulting runners by running a race that is so important to serious runners."

Give me a break! Those people can eat it (most of them should eat it judging by their 130lb frame). Why don't they worry about running their race for their own reasons (whatever they may be). A race that is as important as the Boston marathon means something different to each person running. To some, it may mean that they have finally validated their running career...."I made it! I finally qualified for Boston!" to others it may mean something totally different. To Jacob, it is a step towards trying to live a healthier, more active life.

Go to the site and check it out. It is pretty darn cool!



Oh my god, the "death threat" page is full of negative comments. Really bad, negative, hurting comments. How can people be sooo evil? They're really mean/rotten/jealous. Such @$$holes. I wish him the best of luck, awesome, big hearted fella.

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