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How ethical are the people that work at supplement stores?

Not very!

Most of those people don't know jack sh^t about the supplements they are pushing. Yet they spout off some garbage that came from the advertisment on the box and try and make the sale to the poor naive guy on the other side of the counter.

I am writing this because I think I heard it all today......At a supplement shop near the gym that I workout at, there was a gay (a very overweight guy) purchasing a boat load of supplements....bars, powders, fat burners, etc.....a ton of stuff. The guy behind the counter who claimed that store certified him as a nutritionist (hold f^cking shit! I didn't know that you supplement stores were certifying people as nutritionists these days! That is great. Maybe if I hang out at the medical supply store I can become an doctor!!). He starts talking this guy into purchasing some insane fat burner with a whopping 300mg of caffeine per cap. The guy shopping at the store tells the Certified Nutritionist that he has a high tolerance to caffeine so the salesman, being the smart nutritionist that he is, instructs the gentelman to take 2 caps at once.....600mg of caffeine!!! SWEET!! I wonder how many days in a row he can take that ontop of the other crap he bought also.

Things like that really burn me up. I just can't believe how stupid people are. I am really trying to keep this blog positive and informative. But I really needed to vent that out.


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I like your vents. They serve as a reminder.

And yes, even though the guy was stupid to buy such stuff, I still feel sorry for him. He probably is just a poor gullible fella that was taking what the salesman said to be the truth...
But then again he could be a lazy piece of sh*t that just wants the quick way out.

I personally won't touch any supplement at all, not a single pill/capsule/powder/whey protein/creatine or what ever. I get everything I need from my normal intake of food.

And I repeat, your rants are awesome. It serves as a reminder, so please don’t refrain from posting them. They are informative.

I was there, just looking around while p finished up at the gym, and the heavy dude who was doing the shopping was there for a while, looking over every single bottle of fat burners, thyroid function "enhancers" and "optimizers", energy formulas, yadda yadda. He was asking question after question and I was just hanging around, keeping my mouth shut listening to the guy behind the counter answer everything. I had a hard time keeping my mouth shut, too!

When the guy said something like, "i have a high tolerance for stimulants though - cause i work the night shift..." The guy behind the counter said, "You want something stronger? I have ephedra..." And busts out a bottle full of yellow capsules from under the counter "Yellow Bullet". Of course I went over to look at it too, just curious to see what he was selling.

Each capsule was 300mg caffeine, and 560mg of some proprietary blend with ma huang (formulated to equal 25mg of ephedra), and bitter orange and kola nut and something else I can't remember.

He told him to take two first thing in the morning (600mg of caffeine + I guess the equiv of 50mg of ephedra!!!) and then another two in the afternoon, before a meal. So let's do some math = 1200mg of caffeine and 100mg of ephedra within a 12 hour period. Not counting whatever coffee the guy might drink, or soda (i'm sure he drinks soda, going by what he looks like).

What immediately struck me was that it is not even a PILL that you can cut in half, to start with a smaller dose or anything, if you do choose to start taking that supp. So of couse I said, "300mg of caffeine in one shot is an awful lot, not to mention SIX HUNDRED..."

So the guy tells me, "yeah i know.. but i normally wouldn't advise that. He says he has a high tolerance for stimulants, so if he wants this to work, he'll have to kick it up a notch..."

Stupid me, of course, because more is better. :(

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