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FAT: What no one is telling you (recap)

Pretty good show. It talked about a lot of things like hormones, genetics, the mental aspect of weightloss and environment.

As we already know, fat gain is a combination of several factors. If it were so easy to tie it down to just one element, the obesity epidemic could be solved.

Also, I think there is still a ton of misinformation out there. For example, the comedian women who lost all whole bunch of weight said that in order to maintain what she has, she needs to watch her diet, count calories and exercise 3 hours a day! Then, they show her exercise and I am thinking....."she is doing all the wrong things! She has the wrong plan for what she wants to do!!!" The problem is that no one tells her about that stuff. The media certainly doesn't do a good job of it.

Another example of this is the obese 18yr old in Brooklyn, who was looking into getting gastric bypass surgery. He had pretty much given up. On his documentary radio piece he was asking his mother about all the diets he had tried. Every single one that he tried he had cheated on (no wonder why they didn't work....duh!). Then he was asking his siblings about his obesity and they were saying that he needs to go the gym and exercise. He replied "no, that is building muscle and I need to lose fat.".....My head pretty much blew up at that stupid statement. His brother then replied "well you do biceps curls for high reps, like 20, and that burns the fat.".....For shit sake! Would someone inform these people a little bit? Maybe if the kid lifted some weights and actually stayed on his diet (he needs some sort of social support group for his diet I think) he would drop some of that weight.

Finally, the couple who went to the gym to get trainers who were "the best money could buy". Okay, my take on that.....If you are a trainer and your client has shitty form (like those people did) and you do nothing about it....you fucking suck. I understand that not everyone has totally perfect technique, some peoples technique looks a little different than others and some people are still learning the movement. But, instaed of just standing there.....get in and coach the person! Those traines wer awful. That really fired me up. If that is that money can buy, then we are in real trouble.

While obesity is a combination of a variety of factors, I still think that people need to be better informed on how to take care of themselves. The media doesn't do a good job of it and the government is crooked as shit and they wont take care of you either. You need to find an educated professional and really sit down and learn about your health!


Go to gym = build muscles? Haha, I WISH it was that easy. That kid must be dreaming. You know, a lot of people I speak to all have the notion that if they just touch an even slightly heavy weight just once they are gonna be soo buffed up that their clothes are not gonna fit them anymore. Just by doing it ONE time. They actually think it’s that easy to build muscles. Lift a few times and you’re Arnold the next day. I normally try to explain that it’s actually very difficult to build muscle mass, but they don’t listen. They just say “But I don’t want to be muscle bound” or “I don’t want to be soo muscular” … Yada yada yada…. Pffft!
I normally just shake my head; these people just won’t get it. Well, whatever makes them happy.

High reps = burn the fats? LOL !! I wonder where he got that from?

Personal trainers? I don’t trust a single one at my gym. The gym I go to is this huge gym where most people go there to be seen and stuff. The trainers are @$$hole$ who constantly flirt with their women clients. And when they themselves train they make soo much noise and joke/play around soo much, it makes me annoyed to the point that I just wanna walk out and go home. Its sooo f**king annoying.

And about the posture? Most of these trainers don’t even know jack sh*t about coaching a person. I learnt that the hard way. About 4 months back, my “personal trainer” made me use a machine to exercise my upper back, he didn’t make sure I had the posture part handled first before he upped the weights and make me push my self. He should have set a very low weight first and then teach me the posture first. But no, he just “demoed” it to me once, and then he made me do it. Well, I did something wrong in the third set, and needless to say I suffered for about 2 weeks, felt a sharp pain in the middle of my back, hurt for quite a few days, but I’m lucky it wasn’t something serious.

So, maybe the reason the personal trainers didn’t do anything about the two people’s postures in the documentary you saw was because they had the same mentality as my “personal trainer” had… Peanuts for brains if you ask me.

The problem with what you said; “You need to find an educated professional and really sit down and learn about your health!” is that most of the people who pretend to know what they are talking about don’t actually know sh*t. Case in point, the personal trainers at my gym. Man, how I wish there was someone there like you who actually knew what he was talking about. Better yet, why don’t you just come and work at the gym I go to. :-p

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