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What Happened To My Skills?

What happens to your sport performance if you don t train regularly?
- Jim


Sorry to break it to you, but you either use it or lose it!

If you aren't constantly working on your skills, then you wont get better. If you don't work on your skills and you stop playing altogether, you are definetly not going to be as sharp as you were when you were competitive. Look at a pro-golfer or a pro-baseketball player. If the former doesn't practice working on his/her swing, then they wont improve (maybe this is why I suck at golf?) and if the later (the basketball player) doesn't constantly work on his shot, it will eventually go cold.

The same holds true for lifting weights and strength training. If you don't do a moderate amount of some strength work, you will start to get weaker and lose the ability to display optimal strength.

The take home message is train specifically for what you want - sports performance, strength, power, endurance, hypertrophy etc. - establish a training program that allows you to focus on one of these areas, while maintaining the other areas so that they do not get "de-trained" (you can check out my post on organization of training for more informatino on that).

If you would like more specific help on setting up a program for sports performance, please feel free to register at our free forum -

Hope that helps.





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