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Fat at the supermarket

I went into the supermarket today to purchase some food for this coming week. I am pretty much a creature of habit....I buy the same things everytime. Today, I was walking around and noticed two things:

1) The items on sale were the worst crap you could possibly purchase.


2) The fattest people in the store were purchasing the sales items....and lots of them!

I don't get how people can just let themselves go? I saw an obese couple. I mean they were really big! Their cart was full of 3 or the large size bags of potato chips (luckily they were on sale!), soda and sugary cereal. No fruits, no vegetables, no lean proteins or whole grains. What gives? Do these people not own a mirror? Do they not look at themselves and say "wow, I really let myself get out of control. I need to do something about this"????!?!?!?

I often wonder about those people. I wonder at what point in their lives they stopped caring? I mean, it isn't like you just stop caring and you become 100lbs over fat and obese. This takes years of heard work! It is like you go through a year of not doing any exercise and overeating and you put on some weight. At the end of that year, instead of saying "okay, I need to stop this NOW!"...........YOU JUST KEEP ON GOING!! Next year it is more weight and the year after that more weight and less activity. These people actually worked to get like this! The worst part is that if they ever want to get healthy, they are going to have to work twice as hard. Work twice as hard to do their exercise. Work twice as hard to change their eating and dietary habits.

If you are reading this, or know someone who in this position, then get up out of your chair and get that person on the right path. Don't start monday or next week. Start NOW! Start TODAY! The quicker you get started, the closer towards your goal you will be.

I always tell people when I start training them "it is better to start exercising now and eating healthy now, when you aren't that overweight and out of shape. the last thing you want to do is have to totally change your diet and force yourself to go to the gym because you doctor tells you it is a life or death situation and your health depends on it. that scenario is never fun. it isn't fun for you and it isn't fun for me, because you are going to be miserable."

be healthy!