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Got Dumbells?

First, I want to apologize to me readers for my entries being scattered over 2-3 days. I really want to blog every night, but I am so busy right now that it just isn't possible. I appreciate you guys hanging in and checking up on the blog though. Thanks!

Okay, last entry was about saving time and training at home using some basic body weight exercises. Today, we are going to talk about some things you can do with a pair of dumbells. These are what I call hybrid exercises because they incorporate a couple of different movements, and really get the entire body involved. These exercises are pretty metabolic and will get your heart rate beating. Also, they can be a real time saver as they take care of a lot of movements all at once. I like to occasionally use them with clients as either part of a warm up or at the end of a workout as part of a "finisher circuit". Here are a few of my favorites:

1) Squat and press- Hold the Dumbells (DBs) at shoulder level. Squat down and press as you come up. If you want, you can hold the DBs at your side and squat down, curl them to shoulder level on the way up, squat back down and then press on the way up (Squat curl squat press) and that is one rep.

2) lunge curl and press- For this one, we usually do walking lunges (but they don't have to be. They can be backwards lunges, lateral lunges, or even split squats if you want some variety). You are doing to lunge out, curl in the bottom position, stand up, feet together and then press. If you want to make it more advanced, curl the DBs in the bottom and as you stand up bring the back leg all the way up into flexion (parallel with the floor) and press on one leg.

3) walking 1-leg RDL with curl and press- again, this doesn't have to be walking, but I really like it like that. Perform a 1-leg RDL, at the top, curl and press and then step forward with the opposite leg and perform another 1-leg RDL. Some variations may be to again bring that back leg up into flexion OR to perform the exercise walking backwards.

4) Push up Row combo- For this one, you are going to perform the push with your hands on the Dbs. At the top, you are going to row with one arm, perform another push up and then row with the other. if it is difficult, move your feet a little further apart to give yourself a larger base of support.

5) 1-legged RDl to DB row- again, like the walking 1-legged RDl to press, except this time, we are going to pause in the bottom position (When out chest is parallel with the floor) and we are going to do a single leg bent over row. Come back up to the top and switch legs.

If you have a couple of DBs at home, try throwing these hybrid exercises into your program for variety. Use them as a stand alone exercise or part of the circuit that we discussed yesterday. As always, be sure to play with different variables like rep tempo and rest interval to create more difficulty.

Have fun!


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