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A study on different diets

I don't know if anybody has seen this article floating around in the news.

I am itching to read the entire study. After hearing about the study, I had to hunt it down. It is sitting on my desk just waiting to be read but I wont have time to get to it until this weekend. The one thing I really don't like about it is that it is a study over an entire year based on self reporting from the subjects. Self reporting seems to never pan out as people lie about their intake. I need to look deeper into the study though.

Once sentence from the news artcile that sticks out is that "the dieters were all starting to gain back weight that they had lost towards the end of the study." I wonder if it had anything to do with being in a caloric deficit for 12 straight months??

Also, the atkins diet showed the greatest weight loss at 10lbs over a 12 month period?!?!?! THAT SUCKS! I wonder if the people were exercising or what their activity level was? I also want to look at what percentage of carbohydrate the atkins diet was set at for the entire year. Was it low enough? How did they ensure that the subjects were getting into ketosis?

Lots of questions about this one. Can't wait to sit down and read through it. Hope everyone enjoys the news article.