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A question from a few entries ago

Sorry I missed this one. I just noticed it. This was a question in response to the entry I made about training phases:

How would your exercises differ from each phase (endurance to hypertrophy to strength to power/peaking)?

Great question! I don't change the exercises around as much as you would think between the phases. Typically, I have a few "core" lifts that I like to center the training around, things like squatting and deadlifting in the lower body and bench pressing/overhead pressing and pullups/rowing movements in the upper body. I will stay with an exercise for awhile and mix up variables first. For example, we might do back squats for the first 2 phases and then move to front squats for the last 2 phases. I may have someone perform pullups in one phase and then chin ups in another (basically just changing the grip). I have kept exercises through the entire program before. For example I may have someone squat through a 10 or 12 week training cycle, but we would be changing variables around like number of reps/intensity, rest interval, rep tempo (ephasizing eccentrics or isometrics), etc. We may take the bar off our back once every three weeks and perform a little unload and give ourselves a break before jumping back into squats. Or we might just back off intensity and volume and unload the weight on the bar. In the power/pearking phase, we will be doing more high veloicty things like box jumps (or depth jumps) and squat less (or not at all if we are using olympic lifts like the clean and jerk) for those 2-3 weeks of training.

Hope that helps answer your question.


Thanks for answering!
That makes sense...keeping the "basics" and changing variables around. Right now I'm doing a lot of unilateral work and changing the set/rep and rest intervals around and have noticed a big strength gain in my core. So I think I'm on the right track!!
Thanks again!

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