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Friends don't let friends get unhealthy

Got some great feedback from last nights entry. I really appreciate everyone who has kind words to say about my blog.

Here is what one reader had to say:

Sounds good, but I find it rarely helps. If people aren't willing to get themselves in gear, then there is no way another one can.

I've given alot of people info but 90% don't listen and just stay on the path they are on...doing the same thing they have for years expecting different results. Pretty sad. But people really need to get themselves motivated and educated, other people can't do that for them. However, if they have that internal will to go for it and have someone like say you or I to help then it will be alot easier. But bottom line is I have found is that those people need that internal motivation or there is no hope, even when severe health problems are on the line.

I have one friend who I had given tons of time into helping him and for the most part he ignores the helpful info and does his own thing. He uses bits and pieces of what I tell him. He has lost weight, 9 lbs in 6 months. Progress is progress but he could be leaps and bounds ahead of where he wants to be right now. This experience is just imprinting the idea deeper in his mind that losing weight is a long and meticulous process. If people would just educate themselves and give a shit about what they put into their body they could be progressing so much more and they would have a very different perspective on what dieting really is.

You are right! People have to be willing to help themselves. But sometimes, the influence of someone who cares can really make a difference. Even if that difference is small, it helps to get them on the path. For example, I have a client who is very obese (300+lbs). He has really slacked on his exercise program for the past month. Missing workouts, not showing up to do his cardio. When he does show up, an hour workout might last 20 minutes because he is that deconditioned. He missed all last week because he is so busy with his company. Today I emailed him and basically said I was concerned that his goals were slipping away from him and that I was concerned for his health. I told him he needs to take this stuff more seriously and that I know he is busy BUT his health is more important than his money and he needs to make time. He emailed me back "I will see you tues, wed and thurs. this week. thanks"

Just enough to help him along. Just enough to remind him how important this really is.

I know what you are saying about your friends and trying to give them advice. This was one of the hardest things I struggled with when I started in this industry. I felt like because it was so easy for me to make time to train and to eat healthy I figured everyone should just understand it and just do it! People would come in and talk about their diet and I would try and change everything. I would throw the book at them. The thing is, you need to be subtle with the information you give to people. They can't handle to much change all at once. They have so many bad habits that have been ingrained for years. You need to give them a little info and let them assimilate it before moving on. You might start with something as easy as.....lets try to have a salad everyday at lunch and walk around the block two times a week. After a few weeks of that, a salad gets added at dinner and you might add 3 walks a week or start a 2x a week resistance training program. Your goals are not their goals and you have to be sensitive to the fact that they have a real problem and you are trying to help them change their entire way of life. If you try and change it to fast, you will be met with resistance. If you go slow with things and show them the importance at every little step, you are going to be a hero.


Well, its easy for you to persuade people to get fit, you're already soo fit and have the body to proove it. LOL

I'm only 1/2 on my journey before I reach my goal... LOL
Now, who is gonna listen to me... I only have biceps and triceps to show for it... LOL
No 6 pack yet. My mid section needs some major work... LOL

The problem with trying to give health advice to people who don't care much for it is that we'll be seen as someone who is annoying and just can't shut up about eating healthy...

BTW, on a side note, which do you think is better:

Cutting body fat until about 10~15 then bulking up and packing muscle


Using the zig zag method and loosing a little body fat, then pack muscle then loose body fat again... repeating this until the final goal is achived.

Which of the two is better?

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