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A statement about yesterdays entry and a new question

From a reader:

The problem with trying to give health advice to people who don't care much for it is that we'll be seen as someone who is annoying and just can't shut up about eating healthy...

BTW, on a side note, which do you think is better:

Cutting body fat until about 10~15 then bulking up and packing muscle


Using the zig zag method and loosing a little body fat, then pack muscle then loose body fat again... repeating this until the final goal is achived.

For the first part of your question....yes, you will be thought of as annoying if you are trying to give advice to people who aren't interested in hearing it. Put the information out there. People who have a little interest will respond and then the door will be open for you to educate them.

For the second part of your question.....I get this question a lot. I say, why not just get down to a healthy BF% that you can maintain year round and then not have to worry about putting the added stress on your body of gaining weight and then losing it. The goal is optimal health. If you get to a comfortable BF% that you are happy with, then you can just play around and slowly add calories and gain some weight and the lower calories and drop some fat and "zig-zag" your way up and down. I don't like the traditional bulk and cut phases because they have to much to do with gaining huge amounts of weight and then losing huge amounts of weight, which is neither good nor healthy. hope that helps.


So, its better to add more cardio and less weight training to my workouts then right? And also, I just have to keep using roughly the same weights and not focus on making too much progress right? Just need to maintain my current muscles. I should focus more on keeping the fats down.I'm currently about 19~20% bf. Thanks for the input.

And regarding your blog entry about the supermarket and fat people; yeah I agree, when I see obese people I always think to myself, "how the hell did thy get that big? OMGWTF"... Till today I don't get it, how do they just let go like that? Those people have no self control at all!!

Not really a comment on the blog but just a general question.

You train like a athlete, using HIIT for your cardio with that being said ......do you think you could knock out 3 miles run without training for it or would you need to focus on it for a few weeks?

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