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Some Random Ramblings.....

1) I got a free pass to workout at a Lifetime Fitness today. While the gym looks nice and pretty. I wasn't impressed at all with the equipment or set up. The thing that really got me was the fact that they offered vallet parking service. We wonder why Americans are so fat.....hmmm, we can't even park our own cars and walk to the gym door ourselves. Amazing!

2) Interesting article here about Quaker Oats changing the label on their oatmeal to hone down the advertising which exagerates how their product can lower cholesterol. It is nice to see someone being honest! I am a huge fan of oatmeal and the soluble fiber is great. Be sure to get some in your diet!

3) Well, the Boston Marathon just happend this past monday. I had reported a few entries ago about Jacob, the obese bee-keeper from Wisconson who was going to attempt to complete the marathon for charity. It looks like he finished it. Check out the story here.

4) Having a program of some sort is important. I am still seeing a ton of questions about how one should go about training themself. A program (even something very basic) is an excellent way to gauge progress. If you aren't progressing. If you aren't getting stronger and putting more weight on the bar. If you aren't getting better conditioned. Then look at your program and change it, because it is not working.

More Stuff Later!