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Always strive to educate!

More info for trainers out there......

Always strive to educate your clients. Right now, there is so much information out there. Look in the book store and take note of all the books about diet and training! Turn on the daily news and you will always hear a story about health and fitness and typically, all of the morning shows will have a segment on exercise or diet. How is anyone ever supposed to learn anything with all this information coming into them? It is information overload. People are actually now becoming more confused than ever.

As a fitness professional, people turn to you for help. They have a problem, and it is your job to help them out. You need to have the answers! Take the time to educate your clients. Don't just have them come in and put them through a workout. Sit down with them and answer your questions. Group classes on nutrition and health always work really well. Teach them how to read food labels, manage food portions and perform their cardio workouts efficiently. Also, help dispell any myths or bad information they may have picked up along the way (typically a friend has told them about some special diet or exercise and it is totally off the wall).

We spend all this time (years and years) educating ourselves to help serve people. Don't keep that education locked up in your head. Get it out there to people so that they can benefit from it!


Totally agree!
There is so much poor information out there (ie: muscle magazines, fitness books) that the general population have no idea.
I just received my copy of Chad Waterbury's "Muscle Revolution" and can't believe all the great info that he has provide in it. This is what should be on the shelves for people to pick up and read! (or maybe Patrick, you should consider writing a book as well!! I know it would contain a lot of solid information for everyone to benefit from!)

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