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One exercise to avoid

So I am at the gym with my training partner (a physical therapist). We are working out and notice this kid (probably around 17 or 18) loading up a barbell on the olympic lifting platform (115lbs), so we figure he is going to squat. He un-racks the weight, steps back and starts performing torso rotations!!

I couldn't watch any longer. We stopped him and explained to him the dangers of axial loading with rotation.

This is one exercise that should not be in anyones program. Anytime you load your spine, you compress your disks. That last thing you want to do is start to rotate under that load, as it places the disks in a compromised position.

If you are doing this exericse, STOP!

In other news, check your form. One thing I have noticed is that people basterdize the step up. Everything from hip shifting to bouncing off the back leg. You need to learn to control the movement and really drive with that foot that is on the bench. Try and keep those hips squared up and neutral and prevent rotation. Don't be afraid to lower the weight or lower the step or do both. Exercise technique is paramount over everything else.