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Warming Up

It seems like everyone wants to know about warming up. I keep getting questions about how to do a dynamic warm up or what order the warm up should be in or blah blah blah.....Okay, here is the key word in the phrase....WARM. That's it. People are making things to darn complicated. Just get warm. Warm up means to get warm. That's it. Why make things so complicated? I usually do warm ups like BW squats, walking lunges, push ups plus, jumping jacks, etc. Just get your tissue warmed up and increase your core temperature. Stop splitting hairs over whether or not you should do your glute birdges before your hand walks or after your spiderman walks. Just get warm and go and train!


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I live in a very warm country, does this mean that I don't need to WARM up? :-p J/K

Good blog entry. Once upon a time I was a very confused soul on this subject too. I would ask myself, should I warm up focusing on my arms (rowing) or use the X-country machine? Or should I cycle or use the stair-master... blah blah blah...

I used to think that warm up meant I needed to warm up the particular muscles I was gonna use in my weight workout. LOL


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